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Beastie Boys to ‘Mix Up’ New Album

Now that Bad Brains have built a Nation and returned towering Beastie Boy MCA, a.k.a. Adam Yauch, the Boys have kick started their PR machine, announcing The Mix Up, the trio’s forthcoming album tentatively dropping this June, reports. “We play instruments on the whole album, as opposed to sampling. There’s more rock on there,” Mike D told “If you know us you can trace the influences and they’re not completely surprising. Someone who listens to us casually might think ‘What the hell are these guys doing?'”

Fans hoping to sneak a peek at the band’s new material can catch the Boys’ performance Labor Day weekend at George, WA’s Sasquatch! Festival or July 7 at the London leg of Live Earth, Al Gore’s worldwide concert aiming to draw attention to global warming. “It’s come to the point where drastic measures have to be taken now. To really create a mass consciousness of what needs to be done, mass action, it’s gonna take mass awareness. And these huge concerts around the globe are probably one of the best means of doing so,” Mike D said about the necessity of the Live Earth concerts.

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