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Rich Boy

Who? Though Marece “Rich Boy” Richards, 23, insists his handle sprung from his last name and not his bank account, his swift success may imbue the moniker with multiple meanings. The Alabama-based rapper has been cruising up the charts with his catchy ode to Cadillac customization, “Throw Some D’s”. His eponymous debut album, drawling on the Zone 4/Interscope label, is out in stores now.

What’s the Deal? With a lyrical swagger that summons both Snoop and Juvenile, and a multifaceted mix of beats (boasting production credits like Polow Da Don, Lil Jon, and Needlz), Rich Boy has turned out a diverse disc that’s sure to blare from stereos on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. “Get To Poppin” swings on a complex rhythm that combines handclaps with a slinky vocal loop, while “Lost Girls,” featuring Keri and Rock City, finds Rich Boy reaching out to young females in rhyme over a reggae-influenced hook. The upcoming single “Boy Looka Here” is a Southern stomper inspired by a phrase Rich Boy says is prevalent from the mouths around his native Mobile.

Fun Fact: Those not hypnotized by his sweet ride might notice that Rich Boy drives with both feet. BRIANA MOWREY

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Rich Boy – “Boy Looka Here”WINDOWS MEDIA
Rich Boy – “Throw Some D’s”WINDOWS MEDIA

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