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Power Purse

Have you ever ran out of cell phone battery power amidst an imperative conversation, only to find yourself stuck sans charger or electrical outlet? Well, fear no more bag toting women and fashion androgynous men, for Power Purse — a solar powered handbag — has come to your rescue. Invented by Iowa State University student Joe Hynek, Power Purse draws energy from the sun via mini solar panels and converts it into watts for your gizmos to nourish on via a built in USB port. Now, handbag owners will never run out of cell phone or iPod juice in those dire must have moments! Power Purse is now available via Solarjo, a wearable technology distributor, and for $300 you can rid of all bulky chargers and sport your environmentally friendly bag.

Here’s what fashion techies are saying about Power Purse:

“Shoulda got an Italian designer behind it, then you could get 5 grand and up for the damn thing. I will just stick to waiting for a plug to power my dead gadget though.” — atomriot,

“Greatest thing ever? I think so!” — herdoggyness,

“Solar handbags? An unusual accessory for the environmentally conscious” — harrysituation,

“Has a glow pad at the bottom so you can find your keys in the dark!” — remyc,

“So what happens when you drop it, will the solar panels break? A purse should be able to take a beating, durability is a must.” — grace,

“At $300, it would be the cheapest purse in my wife’s stable.” — dgstan,

“This is an advancement, but can we have other similar items that men would use…? Please!” — Josh Langero,

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