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The Fratellis

Who? Band brothers from different mothers, Glasgow, Scotland’s Jon (vocals/guitar), Barry (bass), and Mince (drums) Fratelli have spent the past two years carbonating the U.K.’s oft-flat pop rock scene. The Fratelli’s 2007 Cherrytree/Interscope U.S. debut, Costello Music, masterfully weds chirpy hooks fit for the Disney Channel with sleazy lyrics ripe for Cinemax, and already earned the band enough props to scoop a 2006 Brit Award for Best Breakthrough Act and land a spot soundtracking an iTunes commercial.

What’s the Deal? Soon after Jon, Mince, and Barry met as co-workers in a traveling Scottish carnival, the trio figured they could better exercise their seventh grade hypersexuality as musicians. They remained nomadic, but traded carney culture for bouncy guitar stunts and vocal grab bags. Costello Music‘s 13 tracks were simonized by Beck producer Tony Hoffer, but not before the Fratellis dosed every song with spoonfuls of barroom romance and drunken optimism.

Fun Fact: Despite the matzoh ball-size bullet holes in the side of the Fratelli’s tour bus, the band denies naming itself after the legendary thug family from 1985’s adolescent classic, The Goonies. Though the guys remain obnoxiously elusive about its true origin, the name is said to come from Barry, whose mother’s maiden name is Fratelli, or from the Italian word “fratelli,” which means “brethren.” CHRIS FARAONE

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