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Take Action Tour Takes ATL

Lulaby, and Scary Kids Scaring Kids have been hightailing it across the country, spreading suicide prevention awareness along the way. The tour, now in its sixth year, supports the Youth America Hotline and the Kristin Brooks Hope Center, and despite the event’s heartrending cause, the night was riotous, full of varied, vibrant opening acts.

A Static Lullaby guitarist John Death played until his fingers bled and his pants split, exposing showgoers to the fact he goes commando. Building on the energy from that wardrobe malfunction, Scary Kids Scaring Kids belted out a bombastic rendition of The Lion King‘s “The Circle of Life.” But Emery put the theatrics aside, stealing the show with their dynamic stage presence and dance moves as they debuted new songs, including one called “Rock’n’Roll.”

The Red Jumpsuit capped off the raucous night, replicating tracks from their recently gold-certified album, Don’t You Fake It. “By coming tonight I want you to know that you have shown me two things,” singer Ronnie Winter said to the packed crowd. “One, rock’n’roll is definitely not dead; and two, some people on this planet still care about one another.” NATALIE B. DAVID / PHOTOS BY ALEXI STRISH

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