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‘SNL’ Sloths

According to a Saturday Night Live digital short, Staten Island Zoo’s sloths sleep 18 hours a day but party 24. The skit, in heavy YouTube rotation since its debut last Saturday (Feb. 10), is introduced by faux wildlife enthusiast Karen Donnelly, who insists that Staten Island High Technical High School students’ unseen documentary about the slow, furry, underappreciated animals is a “real eye opener.” Who knew sloths play guitar, pound back thousands of Bud Lights, and, as a Staten Island student reveals, “eat cocaine off of America’s gravestone”? Party on, sloths.

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Here’s what viewers are saying about SNL‘s sloth skit on YouTube:

“Sloths are so underrated — more sloths!” — Gnail

“Why can’t the rest of SNL be of the same caliber as the digital shorts?” — Legallykathy

“That was just plain ignorant.” — hughjanutz

“What’s the difference between this and Wesley Willis?” — supersimplesongs

“Funny stuff. I like how they worked in actual factual information along with the metal posturing by the sloths. So over the top it was funny.” — SDTJ17

“That was in no way funny…SNL is really going through another dry spell like they did after Chevy Chase and Belushi and all of that cast left.” — quiksilver253

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