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Thomas Lunch, set to drop debut full-length Diagrams Without Instructions Feb. 27 via Hi Fi Alliance, doesn’t necessarily have an affinity for all things outer-worldly, but you wouldn’t know it judging by track titles like “Tator Tots & Robots” and “Leonard Nimoy.” And the latter, with all its grungy alt-pop zeal, is not what you’d expect from a song named after the Star Trek star: no sci-fi themes, no Kirk-outs or Shatner references, not even a mention of leaving the atmosphere. “I decided to title this song ‘Leonard Nimoy’ because I thought it was a funny thing to call it,” Lunch revealed to

Still, the lyrics are serious, exploring feelings of alienation (“It’s hard to live in skin / Wonder which one we are in”) that surfaced after Lunch, walking through D.C., noticed what he referred to as “the daily struggle for people to stay human in a post-modern, war-time frame of mind.” Sound deep? Lunch shrugged off that notion, asking rhetorically, “Why not make a bone-head rocker to explore these frontiers?”

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