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The Fall’s Pounding ‘My Door’

Frontman Mark E. Smith is the Energizer Bunny of Brit punk. He’s been around as the Fall since 1976, and despite the sudden acrimonious departure of their guitarists and drummer on tour last summer, Smith and his keyboardist/wife Eleni Poulou pushed on with the shows, gaining new American supporting musicians and a new artistic outpouring: Reformation Post TLC, the third LP for Narnack.

While the Fall’s line-up has been revamped (yet again), the sound (Smith’s vitriol-loaded drawl over garage rock guitars) doesn’t stray far from the edgy echoes of the past. And really, what else do you expect of the man who Henry Rollins once proclaimed “can never seem to completely vent all the venom out of his spleen” than a chorus that sneers, “My door will never be open to you”? Reformation Post TLC will fall March 27.

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