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2000 Bloggers Rouse Information Warfare

Information highway mastermind Tino Buntic had a dream of uniting bloggers, professional and novice, with an experiment called the 2000 Bloggers Project. The design connected bloggers through a database, which featured a collage with a picture of each user, and interlinked them to exponentially increase the number of hits each received.

Although the digital trial advocated exposure to new blogs and the equal flow of information, rankings search engine websites like Technorati and some bloggers jumped into action. Earlier this week, Technorati announced an experimental tally system specifically designed to override networks like 2000 Bloggers, and not long after, Buntic removed the collage from his website. Now, Internet aficionados are questioning the ethics of Technorati’s defensive techniques as well as 2000 Bloggers’ approach to information exchange.

Here’s what web surfers are saying about the 2000 Bloggers Project:

“2000 Bloggers is just an ingenious way to get A LOT of inbound links and attention. Everyone knows Tino now. Is that a bad thing? And certainly some bloggers have been introduced through it.” — sellsius,

“I am on the 2000 Bloggers collage. As it turns out, my original theory was that being one face in a collage of 2000 would be a bit like being lost in a crowd. Faced with seeing 2000 photos of bloggers, very few people, if any, would manage to click on any particular link. I likened it to walking into a room filled with 2000 random people. Most people would gravitate toward someone they were already familiar with, or someone they found ridiculously attractive. Given that my picture wasn’t going to get me to the latter group, I figured there would be absolutely no increase in traffic due to being on the collage. I was right.” — Mike,

“I am sure most of the 2000 Bloggers who signed up (like me) don’t care about their Technorati ranking and didn’t even think how this project would change it. I joined to meet new bloggers. I am not on any top anything list and I really don’t want to be. That’s not why I blog.” — Deviousdiva,

“2000 Bloggers was what it was. An ambitious and well-intentioned link exchange. If Technorati was the all mighty keeper of the sanctity of rank measurement systems, what took them so long to act?” —

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