Who? Sorry, Sov: looks like you’ll be vying with Aussie rapper Romy Hoffman for the title of Freshest Foreign Female in the Game. Supported onstage by Sydney scratcher DJ Amy, the Melbourne-based MC spits semantics as Macromantics. Miss Macro released her first solo EP, Hyperbolic Logic, in 2004. Moments in Movement, her full-length debut, was nominated for a J Award by Australia’s popular radio station Triple J, and just landed Stateside on Kill Rock Stars.

What’s the Deal? Moments in Movement‘s cover — Hoffman cradling a mic atop a gothic velvet settee, all Crystal Gale hair and Neko Case countenance — may peg her as an alt-country crooner, but even the Western-tinged “Dark Side of Dallas” has what she calls “a jaw-jabbing delivery.” Loaded with pop-culture references (Tom Waits, Tobey Maguire, Melanie Griffith, to name a few), her rhymes ricochet out like machinegun fire over eclectic soundscapes. The fat, fuzzy beat of “Moments in Movement” feels like ’70s funk, and the ominous lo-fi trip-hop of “Eerily Spookily” and “Generation” add the best elements of Portishead to the Mac Attack.

Fun Fact: Miss Macro began her musical career at the age of 15, playing bass in Noise Addict with Ben Lee, and is “the resident black metal expert in Australia.” Looks like Romy’s no one trick homie. BRIANA MOWREY

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