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Fox Cancels ‘The O.C.’

When Fox announced the cancellation of teen soap The O.C. yesterday (Jan. 4), a whole generation of young viewers and music aficionados either wept or rejoiced. Although The O.C. depicted an otherworldly dimension of mammoth drama amongst affluent high schoolers and their parents, the TV series also introduced a fresh avenue for exposing emerging bands. As former underground heavyweights, Modest Mouse, the Killers, and Death Cab for Cutie all graced the show’s set, going on to achieve more mainstream successes. And when The O.C.‘s delivers its final witty quip Feb. 22, an inventive musical platform for introducing indie upstarts will die with it. But hey, there’s always Grey’s Anatomy.

Here’s what the blogosphere is saying:

“I’m so sad. I’ve watched every episode since day one. It’s the only show I watch religiously. And I’m not only sad because I’ve watched this show for 4 years now…I’m going to really miss hearing what kind of music they put on the show. It was always superb.” — Jenna,

“This show was amazing the first 2 seasons but by season 3, I lost all interest. It became completely predictable, lame, and just plain boring. With or without Marissa the show sucks now and that’s a shame cause I loved it when it first came out!” — Tenley,

“This is despicable. Best season for a great show and FOX cancels it!” — Frank,

“I know there are a bunch of O.C. lovers in the room, but may I say, I’m an SO glad they cancelled it…The show was like the prom queen who didn’t realize the prom ended hours ago… it just lost it’s original spark and relevance…” Junior,

“And, if only a little bit, the world is now a better place.” — Gomez,

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