Who? Ferraby Lionheart is a singer/songwriter originally from Nashville and now operating out of Los Angeles. The Silverlake troubadour is an independent artist in the truest sense, as he is unsigned and sells his Self-Titled EP, which he recorded in his apartment, on his website.

What’s the Deal? Lionheart sells cotton candy cut with Vicodin, as his songs sound simultaneously upbeat and dreary. He casually tosses of lines like “There’s a world outside / I could sleep all day” (“Won’t Be Long”) with all the easiness of a lazy Saturday afternoon. The most salient sound here is the Ben Folds-style twinkly piano that accompanies these sleepy-eyed songs about love and hope. Also ambling in to the aural environments are lazy acoustic guitars, subtle drums, and even some nifty whistles. While any handclaps you hear are probably in your head, they belong, too.

Fun Fact: Lionheart was previously in a band called Telecast. There is a Christian band called Telecast. These are two different bands. “I believe in Jesus,” Lionheart wrote on his blog. “And I like that Pulp song where Jarvis [Cocker] sings about Him, but I don’t have any Christian songs.” Sorry to get your hopes up, Stryper fans. JEFFREY PARKER

Now Hear This: Ferraby Lionheart – “Tickets to Crickets” DOWNLOAD MP3

On SPIN.com: Ferraby Lionheart’s Haunted Track

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On the Web:ferrabylionheart.com


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