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David Vandervelde

Who? At a pipsqueakish 22 years old, David Vandervelde is already generating the kind of indie-net whispering that musicians twice his age pine for. The Chicago-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist — and producer, and engineer — releases The Moonstation House Band Jan. 23 on Secretly Canadian.

What’s the Deal? The Moonstation House Band is chock-full of seventies-era lovin’, leavin’, and low ridin’ folk-rock. Vandervelde’s time travel tendencies inspire comparisons to some usual suspects: David Bowie, Elton John, and a little band called the Beatles, but there’s more to Moonstation than first meets the ear. While there’s some stardust and yellow submarine at work here, especially on the shapeshifting “Corduroy Blues,” there’s also a touch of Air (the buoyant “Moonlight Instrumental”) and of early-era Wilco (“Jacket,” “Murder in Michigan”). In the end, however, Vandervelde stands on his own two feet — even if one of those feet is planted firmly in the past.

Fun Fact: There’s gold in them thar sounds: Vandervelde recorded Moonstation at Jay Bennett’s — yes, that Jay Bennett’s — studio, Pieholden Suite Sound (where Vandervelde worked for over two years). Previously, instruments on Moonstation were employed on Wilco’s Being There and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, among other recordings. KAITLIN FONTANA

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