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Cold War Kid Displays Tour Art

The artworks of Matt Maust, bassist for the Cold War Kids, were hung up to dry last night, as his fans gathered into Headquarters Studio to view the collaged images documenting more than a year and a half of Maust’s life on the road. A kind of scrap book of tour life touching on some of the same characters of Robbers & Cowards, Maust created his raw and weathered art by methodically layering torn photographs of close friends with the lyrical typeset of vocalist Nathan Willett onto the surface of used record covers. How does Maust describe his oeuvre? As having the feeling of “a stranger in a strange place,” he told “I wanted to make it look like [these works] were stolen.” ADAM DESIDERIO / PHOTOS BY MITCHELL FRYE

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We asked: Considering most of Maust’s artwork is based on his band’s Robbers & Cowards, who do you think is the world’s most infamous robber? COMMENT