Busta Rhymes, born Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr., celebrated the new year yesterday by adding an arrest and an assault charge to his growing police record. The arrest, stemming from a Dec. 26 incident in which Busta allegedly beat up his driver during an argument over money, occurred yesterday when the famed rapper turned himself into a Manhattan police station, MTV.com reports. The driver, whose name has yet to be released, filed a complaint with police after the episode, claming Busta punched him in the face resulting in cuts and a hospital visit.

The arrest marks Busta’s latest run in with the law following an August assault charge for kicking a 19-year-old man in the head and a ticket for driving while talking on his cell phone. There is also an ongoing investigation into the Feb. 5 shooting death at a Brooklyn music video shoot for his single “Touch It.”

Talk: Will Busta see any jail time?

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