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Benjy Ferree

Who? After an attempt at an elusive career in acting — who knew Hollywood was so competitive? — Benjy Ferree returned to his homestead in the D.C.-area to try his newly found passion crafted as an au pair: beef stew. Well, really, music, with which he entertained the children he watched by covering Bob Dylan and Beatles tunes. When he moved back East, he released an EP that was noticed by Domino, who re-released Leaving the Nest as a full-length.

What’s the Deal? Ferree crafts his brand of folk around a familiar armature of melody entwined with rhythms that march, waltz, and swing along. Without the angular guitars of his Domino brethren (Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys), Ferree instead invokes Americana and more traditional song arrangements, along with a bit of classic rock and blues. The result is surprisingly cohesive, so much that his rendition of Johnny Cash’s “A Little at a Time” fits all too snuggly.

Fun Fact: Ferree cooks a mean beef stew with a bottle of Tempranillo. “[It’s] Julia Child-style over buttery egg noodles,” he told We bet the kids love that. JERRY YETI

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