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Bask In Talkdemonic’s New “Glow”

If you’re not lucky enough to live on the West Coast to catch Talkdemonic on their current string of gigs, you can at least soak in the golden strumming of the duo’s new track, “Ending The Orange Glow.” From the forthcoming follow up to their sophomore effort, Beat Romantic, “Glow,” like the best of Sufjan Stevens’ compositions, radiates seemingly contradictory qualities: it’s lushly arranged, yet intimately folksy. Lisa Molinaro, last seen as a touring member of the Decemberists, makes her viola strings sing, and Kevin O’Connor’s anchoring drums and banjo add a smoky campfire note. Their flavor may be sweetly old-fashioned, but Talkdemonic add depth with electronic experimentation and sampling courtesy of computers. Could be that 2007 will give them more to glow about: they’re currently in the process of signing to the much-respected One Little Indian label in the U.K.

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