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Albert Hammond Jr. is Seattle’s to Keep

Albert Hammond Jr. has been writing and recording his own material independently of the Strokes for over a year, and he’s recruited his own supporting musicians to embark on a lengthy U.S. tour. Although not the Strokes’ primary composer (that honor goes to singer Julian Casablancas, though Hammond Jr. did co-write the impressive “Automatic Stop” off Room On Fire), Hammond Jr. impressed a sold-out Seattle crowd at the Paramount Theater as the opening act for moody alt-rockers Incubus. Playing a tight set with few pleasantries murmured between songs, Hammond Jr. replicated songs off his captivating debut album, Yours To Keep. Crooning in a voice similar to the laid-back, throaty sound of Casablancas, the singer shined on catchy tracks like “101” and “Everyone Gets a Star,” which conjured Is This It?‘s simplistic, wistful tunefulness. TIFFANY WAN / JULIA SALAMONIK

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