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The Affair

Who? Kali Holloway (vocals), Josh Leeman (guitar), and Neel Arant (keyboards/guitar) met at Oberlin College, but the Affair didn’t form until the three met Marc Pattini (drums) and Nelson Dellamaggiore (bass). Together, the fivesome gigged around NYC, released first single “Honey” on Vice Records in 2004, and is now preparing to release Yes Yes to You Jan. 23 via Absolutely Kosher.

What’s the Deal? Fans of Pretty Girls Make Graves and the Pretenders will enjoy the searing vocals and danceable rhythms propelling Yes Yes to You. The album indulges in catchy guitar licks, menacing bass lines, and squiggly keys, all of which support Holloway’s Blondie-like croon. Ooohs and whoa-ohs litter the songs, whose topics range from dating younger men (“Jailbait Date”) to criticizing the scene (“Fashion Victim”) to abandoning the idea of a happy ending (“Swallow The Nights”). And “Tim’s Song” lightens the mood with its dancey electronic jubilance.

Fun Fact: The band’s first release was a mislabeled split 7″ single with now-defunct Hominid, where the Hominid side sported the Affair’s logo and vice versa. “The four or five people who actually bought one will probably hear Yes Yes to You and wonder why we didn’t include our song from that 7″ on the album,” Holloway told “The answer is, because it’s actually a Hominid song.” KRISTINA GRINOVICH

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