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Trainwreck Riders’ ‘Christmas’ Clip

The video for Trainwreck Riders’ “Christmas Time Blues” (off Lonely Road Revival) isn’t all that Christmasy. In fact, it’s more an homage to the band’s hometown of San Francisco (check the Joe Montana-era starter jacket) than it is an ode to the holiday. But despite the less-than-festive imagery captured in the clip (save frontman Pete Frauenfelder decked out as Santa at a mic stand ribboned with lights), the color muted-clip tragically suits the somber, twangy tune. The video follows the band as they hit some of the “old stomping grounds that they sing about,” a spokesperson for the band told “They started the day at the corner store they used to buy alcohol at when they were in high school, picked up some 40 ozs of Olde English as inspiration, and shot a video.” Maybe nothing says Christmas like tallboys, after all.

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