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Suspicious Death Leaves Pete’s Reputation in Shambles

Trouble seems to cloud around rocker Pete Doherty like dirt around Pig-Pen from Peanuts, but this latest incident is all kinds of spooky. According to reports, the Babyshambles singer has been questioned regarding the death of actor Matt Blanco, 30, who allegedly tumbled from a second floor balcony at the Dec. 3 party they both attended (read more). While Doherty was interviewed, it has been said the police do not consider him a suspect. Blanco’s sister, Emma, has been cautious not to point fingers, but referenced Doherty (and managed to get in a dig at him) in the U.K. newspaper, The Independent: “We want to know what happened that night. This is not about us assigning blame on a pseudo-celebrity. We just want the truth.” Was Pete in the wrong place at the wrong time, or is something more sinister lying underneath the story’s initial details?

Here’s what people are saying:

“My question is, who killed Pete Doherty and how long are they going to be toting his corpse around like a puppet and taking pictures of it ala Weekend at Bernie’s?” — oshkoshitsmybirthday,

“How many chances is this guy going to get?! No matter what he does — seemingly worthy of jail time — he seems to get a slap on the wrist and another chance. Why is that? It would be better for him, and all involved, if he had to face the real consequences of his actions.” — busyness,

“If there is no suggestion Pete D was involved in any way, then this is a NON-story…so why print it? The guy is a walking train wreck and should be committed until he is properly cured…But he does not deserve all the space in media. It simply encourages him to think he is ‘cool’ when he is really a sick boy…” — Eina,

“OK, I was *really* happy 2 read Drugherty is innocent for once…Well, at least he didn’t kill someone! I mean, he’s killing himself by using drugs all the time.” — Gen,

“Probably nothing to do with him, but trouble does seem to follow him around. He needs to change his lifestyle and some of his so-called friends or he will come to a bad end.” — Dave,

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