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The Shins’ New Video

Whoa, the Shins have delivered carnage a’plenty in the video for “Phantom Limb” off their forthcoming album, Wincing the Night Away. Replete with scenes depicting witch burnings, warfare, and the slaughtering of Native Americans, the clip portrays countless human atrocities delivered by a costumed troupe of elementary schoolers. Set to the somber hums of the strummy single, the foursome is depicted complacently plucking their instruments in front of a red curtain as the faux bloodbath at the hands of children unfolds.

Now Watch This: Here’s what the people are saying:

“I like the mix of dark human themes with the poppy hooks, school kids re-enacting the most fu*ked up things societies have done to each other in the name of ‘progress’. It’s too sophisticated for narrow minded teenagers to grasp…” — wilburh2m,

“WTF? Features historical acts played out by mostly children — crusades, Joan Of Arc, huddled masses, Indians being slaughtered by the white man, injustice and oppression, yadda yadda…The Shins remain seated for the duration. Yawn.” — jon,

“The best school play ever!” — valtersboze,

“I abhor the newest Shins video. Children? Re-enacting the crusades? What the hell is that?” — heather,

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