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Sean Lennon Soothes the Twin Cities

MINNEAPOLIS: Hotly-tipped U.K. folkie Jim Noir was a no show, but Sean Lennon ably basked in the spotlight.

Sean Lennon’s chill melodies and haunting vocals drew Minneapolis fans in from the rain and onto floor at First Ave. on Monday night. A sea of heads and full gallery greeted Lennon when he took the stage after an excellent last-minute performance by local opener Robert Skoro, who filled in for the highly anticipated but unfortunately absent Jim Noir.

After a long intermission, during which spectators relaxed on the floor like friends in a basement, Lennon and his international backers brought the folks back to their feet with fare from his recent Friendly Fire. Between songs, Lennon inserted plugs for his merchandise while joking comfortably with the crowd. His seriousness was evident however in his music, especially when he plowed into “Would I Be the One,” tearing off a wicked, minute-long solo that had the fans breathing through their mouths for the stink of burnt strings.

He played a full hour before retiring and reemerging for an encore. On the way to his guitar, Lennon slipped behind the keyboards for a quick rendition of “Benny and the Jets” and ended the night alone on the stage with just his guitar, cooing the lullaby-like “Tomorrow” to a captive audience. JARED RODDY

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