Oklahoma City Names Trash Alley After Flaming Lips

The city council of the Flaming Lips’ hometown, Oklahoma City, held a vote Tuesday (Dec. 5) that will allow the band to join the ranks of other luminaries whose names have been adorned on civic property. But the Lips’ didn’t get a shiny boulevard or a recreation center; instead, their name will be linked with an alley located in the city’s entertainment and restaurant district, Bricktown, NME reports. While the alley has been described as “littered with open dumpsters and poorly lit at night,” Wayne Coyne and company are hardly discouraged. Coyne hopes the newly named alley will “see people sneaking in during the middle of the night doing graffiti art. I can see all kinds of strange things going on there.” Here’s hoping the first of those strange things involves hipsters dressed in plush costumes and Spin editors in Santa suits (read more).

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