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Grizzly Bear Heart Covers

Toronto’s Born Ruffians have already recorded their cover of Grizzly Bear’s “Knife” (off Yellow House), transforming the song from an ethereal slow-burner into an exuberant barroom ballad, and Brazillian electro-pop collective Cansei De Ser Sexy have recently revealed they’re also set to cover that song. “Adriano from CSS contacted [frontman] Ed [Droste] about the song and informed him that he loved the band,” a spokesperson for Grizzly Bear told “He asked if they could cover “Knife.” Droste revealed on his blog he’ll return the favor. “I want to do one of their songs, but I can’t decide which one,” he wrote in a post. “Any suggestions? I was thinking ‘Alala,’ but how the hell would I do that?”

We’ll have to wait until sometime next year to hear the CSS’ “Knife” cover and learn which CSS track Droste and company will give their touches to. Until then, score the Paul Simon “Graceland” cover performed by Grizzly Bear’s vocalist/guitarist, Daniel Rossen, as well as Born Ruffian’s rendition of “Knife.”

Now Hear This:
Born Ruffians – “Knife” (Grizzly Bear cover) DOWNLOAD MP3
Daniel Rossen (of Grizzly Bear) – “Graceland” (Paul Simon cover) DOWNLOAD MP3

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