Ex-Cranberries Singer Signs Deal

Dolores O’Riordan, singer for ’90s hitmakers the Cranberries, has inked a deal with Sanctuary Records for her first solo album, Are You Listening?, which is expected to drop May 8. The Cranberries announced an indefinite hiatus in 2003, releasing O’Riordan to explore other musical directions. Most notably, she worked “Black Widow,” a song that just missed the cut for the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack. The iconic Irish singer also added the tune “Pure Love” to Zucchero & Co., a project by Italian artist and album namesake, which features Sting, Sheryl Crow, and Eric Clapton. Following the spring release of Are You Listening? on Sanctuary’s newly reactivated Sequel label, fans can expect O’Riordan to hit venues worldwide.

Talk: Is it possible O’Riordan’s new song will stick “in your head” like the Cranberries’ infectious tunes?

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