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Dylan Troubled by ‘Factory Girl’

Bob Dylan is up in arms about a character in Factory Girl, a forthcoming film documenting Andy Warhol’s muse Edie Sedgwick and her tumultuous rise to fame and subsequent crash into drug addiction, that resembles the folk icon.

While the film doesn’t include a character named “Bob Dylan,” there is a Dylan-esque character “Danny Quinn,” played by Hayden Christensen, who dons a harmonica brace and a signature Dylan hat. In the film, the Quinn character is painted as the scapegoat for Sedgwick’s drug addiction and ensuing death from an overdose in 1971, The New York Post‘s Page Six reports. Sedgwick, played by English waif Sienna Miller, is rumored to have had a brief relationship with Dylan while living at the Chelsea Hotel.

“Even though Mr. Dylan’s name is not used, the portrayal remains both defamatory and a violation of Mr. Dylan’s right of publicity,” lawyer Orin Snyder told Page Six. “Until we are given an opportunity to view the film, we hereby demand that all distribution and screenings…immediately be ceased.”

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