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Doherty’s Life Becomes More Animated

In light of the mysterious death of Doherty’s close friend Sunday (Dec. 3) (read more), it truly seemed possible that life couldn’t get much stranger in the debauchery-filled world of the drug-addled rocker. But with the release of an illustrated children’s book and a subsequent TV series documenting the turbulent ups and downs of his stardom, it looks as if Doherty has taken a sharp turn for Toontown.

A Boy Called Pete, written by Peter Robinson, founder of the publishing house Popjustice, illustrates the top hat-sporting English fellow bouncing around with Kate Moss as he indulges in “mind-bending drugs” and is “always getting into trouble,” the U.K.’s Times Online reports. But thankfully, Robinson’s stringent moral has spared a generation of copycat narcotic stricken toddlers. The books content is sure to inform that “Class A drugs are not very good for you. They make you smelly and a bit untidy-looking,” while illustrating the consequences of Pete’s drug use stating he was previously a “very clever and handsome man” and is now imprisoned behind the walls of “a very big house” because “London has lots of rules and lots of authority.”

Along with A Boy Called Pete you’ll find A Girl Called Britney and illustrated books educating youngsters by depicting the famous plunders of Michael Jackson, Robbie Williams, and Elton John.

Robinson has recently inked a deal to transform the books into an animated series. There is no set premiere date for the series.

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