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Colbert vs. Decemberists Guitar Challenge Results In!

Last night, TV host Stephen Colbert and lit-rockers the Decemberists clashed in a musical battle of titans on a special episode of The Colbert Report dubbed “Rock and Awe: Countdown to Guitarmageddon.” After battling with six-string axes, Colbert was the last man standing, but not due to his musical prowess.

The battle began after Colbert accused the Decemberists of appropriating his “Green Screen Challenge” for their own devious purposes (asking fans to submit animations for their new single, “O Valencia!”). In a previous episode of his show, Colbert called on the Portland band to “put down the pen and pick up the axe.”

And lift the axe they did. Boasting an all-star cast, including an introduction by 60 Minutes‘ Morley Safer, who explained the battle would crown a “Socrates of shred,” the duel was clearly not an equal opportunity affair. Although three judges were on hand — including famed rock critic Anthony DeCurtis, NYU music professor Jim Anderson, and NY Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer — Colbert was allowed a stand-in after suffering an “injury.” Famed guitar hero Peter Frampton was (coincidentally?) onset to fill in and conquer the Decemberists’ guitarist Chris Funk. Apparently, Colbert will always triumph on his own set.

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