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Victory Sues Virgin

Victory Records, the label that has been famously battling with its former band, Hawthorne Heights, over contract issues, has filed a suit against Virgin Records and its EMI Music parent company, claiming they tried to steal the band away. In a complaint filed Thursday (Nov. 2) in Chicago federal court, Victory says it had a “binding commitment for four consecutive full-length studio albums” from Hawthorne Heights but had only received two before “two top level executives” at Virgin “induced members of Hawthorne Heights to declare themselves free of the Victory Agreement at a time when the Band was not otherwise predisposed to do so.” According to the suit, Victory learned on Sept. 7 that Hawthorne Heights had entered into a contract with EMI and/or Virgin.

Hawthorne Heights claimed in their initial suit against Victory claimed their reputation had been damaged by some of Victory’s actions to help record sales, Victory has similarly said the band’s “tortuous conduct” has damaged them. Victory is seeking a minimum of $10 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages.

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