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Rock and Pop Memorabilia Auction Kicks Off This Weekend

If you’re wallets are swelling this holiday season, grab your credit cards and ready your index fingers, as online bidding for rock’n’roll relics begins this weekend. Running Dec. 2nd through Dec. 16th, is hosting their bi-annual online auction, where past items purchased have included handbills for the Sex Pistols’ shows, Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” stage gloves, David Bowie’s jewelry, and much more. This year, you can bid on such memorabilia as Nirvana’s MTV award for “Best Alternative Video,” the top hat Mick Jagger wore on the Rolling Stones’ 1972 tour, and even the Beatles’ first official U.S. album, Meet The Beatles, signed by the band. It’s one of only nine autographed copies known to exist and should go for well over $100 Benjamin’s. How wrong the Beatles were when they sang “You Never Give Me Your Money.”

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