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O.J. Simpson’s New Book

It has been over a decade since America sat watching O.J.’s white Bronco meander along the highway in a leisurely low-speed attempt to prove to the authorities he was innocent. The media circus that tracked the case from Bronco to acquittal is being called upon once again, this time to bring America the third act. Our friends at News Corp. will release If I Did It Nov. 30 and run a two-part interview on Fox News at the end of the month. In his new literary work, O.J. goes Capote and explains the hypothetical account of how he would have committed the murders, if he were the one, to you know, have done it.

Here’s what people are saying:

“He doesn’t admit to killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, he just describes how he would have done it if he were, say, a wife-beating control freak who brutally slaughtered his ex-wife and an innocent bystander and managed to get a ‘not guilty’ verdict from an incompetent jury.” — B.Y.O.B.,

“I think this brilliant notion of writing a book to confess something everyone thinks is true just to show that it couldn’t be true is going to catch on like wildfire. In the future, for example, we might see a book by Tom Cruise called If I Were Gay, a tell-all in which Tom Cruise ‘comes out.'” — Blog Curry,

“I am offended. Disgusted. Outraged. And I am promoting it. Yes, I work for FOX Broadcasting Promotions division, and it is my job to make sure that people know all about this event. This brings about a new emotion — shame.” — Dr. Blogstein,

“I can’t believe the amount of publicity this is generating, I know the O.J. Simpson case was partly responsible for employing half of the freelance writers in this country for months, but when will the O.J. circus come to an end, this man tours more than Barnum and Bailey, and with more shock appalling effect.” — BLOG MASCOT,

“I want to know, how you can not only get away with murder, but then get away with writing a ‘hypothetical’ book about the murders you were acquitted of. I understand Double Jeopardy and how it protects people, but this asshole is throwing it in the faces of everyone that we let him get away with it.” — Jill,

Talk: Is this a clever ploy to create a bogus account of the murders, further proving his “innocence?” Or a guilty man’s attempt to have one last stab at the ironic? COMMENT