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La Rocca Robbed!

Irish quartet La Rocca were the victims of a robbery in Philadelphia Sunday (Nov. 5) following a show with Roman Candle and Birdmonster. Their van, a white 1997 Dodge Ram, which they lovingly call “Big Phil,” was stolen, along with all their equipment, including keyboards, basses, guitars, drums, and amps. The band have cancelled their Nov. 8 show in Chapel Hill, N.C. as a result of the theft. “We’ve lost some of the stuff that’s been with us since we were kids,” the band wrote on their MySpace page. “If anyone in the Philly area sees or gets offered anything suspicious that they think might once have been ours…a lot of our stuff has ‘La Rocca’ stenciled on it… let us know.” The van’s license plate number is 3VN W138.

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