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Kanye Apologizes for Outburst

Admitting he might have been just a touch on the drunk side at the MTV Europe Music Awards, Kanye West apologized for his onstage outburst. The rapper leapt onto the stage after he lost the Best Video award to Justice vs. Simian and said the award show would “los[e] credibility” if he didn’t win.

“I don’t have anything against the group that won,” told MTV UK. “I’m gonna download their album right now. I didn’t mean to be offensive in any way. I love you guys. I never heard of you [but] I am your friend.” West blamed his freakout on booze, saying he’d had “a little sippy sippy” prior to the show.

P.S. Hey Kanye: Justice vs. Simian isn’t one group. It’s two. French producers Justice (read more) and British avant popsters Simian teamed up on a reworking of Simian’s bombastic single, “We Are Your Friends.”

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Kanye West Throws Fit, World Tries to Act Surprised

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