Gwen Stefani’s ‘Wind It Up’ Video

What in the yodelay-hee-hoo is going on here? In the trippy new video for “Wind It Up,” Gwen Stefani reenacts scenes from the classic 1965 film version of The Sound of Music, whose “Lonely Goatherd” she samples in the song. Flanked by dancers dressed up as the Von Trapp moppets, Gwen makes like another iconic blonde, Maria, twirling on a geometric Astroturf mountaintop in a mock habit — and giant couture sunglasses, of course. The Neptunes-produced single from her forthcoming The Sweet Escape has been causing a stir, with viewers around the Internet debating whether they think the video is cute or a visual brain aneurysm. No word yet on what Julie Andrews thinks.

Now Watch This:

Here’s what the fans are saying:

“In the most incredibly awful way ever, I think it’s awesome! Seriously though, Gwen Stefani could write a song insulting me and all of my family members, to a backing track of strangled cats (with a video in which she repeatedly kicks me in the crotch) and I’d still effing love it.” — Glen6899,

“I love Gwen but…this song, and this video. Unfortunately neither redeem the other.” — sayoooh,

“I am strangely fascinated with this song…it’s an anthem for fat, bossy, oversexed German chicks looking for a quick lay. LOVE IT.” — Agent Hollywood,

“Does anyone else [see] VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED written all over those white wigs and pinafores?” — Tanner C.,

“So Fergie tries to be Gwen. And then Gwen tries to be Fergie. They are confusing and retarded.” — Gargamale,

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