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Eminem Video Shoot: Deadly

Eminem and Akon made a grizzly discovery after the recent shoot for a new music video “Smack That,” the new single off Em’s forthcoming mixtape, The Re-Up: a dead body. After the shoot, which took place at a shoddy Los Angeles hotel with some Playboy models, the body was discovered under the floor. “Some weird stuff was happening that whole weekend,” Akon told MTV UK. “I think it was a haunted hotel or something. Man, that whole weekend was just dark, but the results were incredible. A dead body was found on the floor under us the next day. A real dead body. I was like, ‘wow!’ It was mad that we were right above that body just wiling out, just ‘smackin,’ that’s crazy!” No word on the identity of the deceased individual or how he or she died.

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