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Eagles of Death Metal Booted from GNR Tour

Eagles of Death Metal’s run as openers for fifteen dates on the current Guns N’ Roses tour came to an abrupt, ugly, and sort of confusing end Friday. Following Sebastian Bach’s requisite set, EODM (who replaced Papa Roach) were booed loudly by GNR fans. When Axl and company came on stage, he reportedly thanked the openers, with the exception of EODM, who he renamed “Pigeons of Shit Metal.” Rose reportedly went on to say, “Don’t worry, that’s the last show they’re playing with us.” Of course, it was also the first show he had played with them, begging the question of whether Axl had ever actually listened to the band before. At any rate, for their own part, EODM responded with the following official statement:

“At first the audience refused to welcome us to the jungle, but by the time we took our final bow, it had become paradise city. Although Axl tried to November rain on our parade, no sweet child o’ mine can derail the EODM night train. We say live and let die.”

Sebastian Bach fans can rest easy though. He’s still on the tour.

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