Deftones Bring ‘Saturday Night’ to Monday in Tuscon

Coming off the Halloween release of their fifth studio album, Saturday Night Wrist, Sacramento veterans Deftones put a hurting on a sold-out crowd at Tucson’s Rialto Theatre. The band sampled from their dynamic catalog, from the buzzsaw years of Adrenaline to the ethereal and bold Saturday Night, including noteworthy renditions from that album’s “Hole in the Earth” and “Beware.” In a visual homage to Slash, guitarist Stephen Carpenter hid behind his mound of hair, while singer/madman Chino Moreno abused his mic, leading his band from trysts in metal mayhem to tunes boasting poppier sensibilities. MICHAEL CLAWSON

We asked: Deftones started as a heavy band but they’ve softened up lately. Which sound do you prefer? COMMENT

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