Weezer have filed a lawsuit against Miller Brewing Company, alleging the brewers used the band’s name without permission. In a suit filed Sept. 29 and obtained by TMZ.com, Rivers Cuomo, et al, claimed Miller placed advertisements in three issues of Rolling Stone in 2004, which used the band’s name without permission “for purposes of advertising and promoting Miller.” The suit also alleges that the ad features endorsements from other artists, and that as such, the band “have been further damaged by the advertisement because the ‘Weezer’ name has been associated with other bands and musical performers with whom [Weezer] do not wish to be associated in any advertisement.” As a result of Miller using Weezer’s name in their ads, the band “have been damaged in an amount that is not yet fully ascertainable, but is believed to be in the millions of dollars,” according to the suit.

Weezer are currently seeking an injunction to keep Miller “from further unauthorized use” of their name, and while they have not specified how much they seek in damages, the suit does suggest the band “are entitled to recover punitive and exemplary damage from Defendants for their wrongful conduct.” Additionally, the suit claims the band are “entitled to an award of three times Defendants’ profits or Plaintiffs’ actual damages, whichever amount is greater, plus costs of suit and attorneys’ fees.”

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