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Valient Thorr Thrash, Giraffes Imbibe

Burlatia, Venus’ Valient Thorr (read more) made the long trek to Brooklyn last night where they delivered a head-banging, sweat-drenched set at Williamsburg’s home of cheap booze and truck-stop kitsch, Trash Bar. With Brooklyn’s own Jack Daniels-chugging purveyors of sleaze-rock, the Giraffes (read more), warming up the stage before them the night had a simple vibe: straight up rock’n’fucking roll. There was no art rock, no indie rock, no pop rock — just sweat, piss, puke, loud guitars, and copious booze-swilling. STORY BY ASCH HARWOOD. PHOTOS BY MITCHELL FRYE

We asked: What beverage best fits with the vibe of this evening’s show?