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Who? Relay is the Philly-based pet project of frontman Jeff Zeigler, a producer by trade who steps in front of the mic for his band’s ethereal, experimental debut full-length, Still Point of Turning. Zeigler also contributes on pedal-powered guitar while Ian Fraser holds down heavy bass lines, Mikele Edwards supports on guitar, and Gerard Angelini rounds out the quartet on drums.

What’s the Deal? Still Point of Turning teems with finely-tuned ambient guitar rock building majestic walls of sound that still maintain exuberant melodies. The album opens with the hazy, psychedelic synth-pop of “New Domestic Landscape” before launching into “Driver” and “Season (Start),” two tracks tipping their hats to the Jesus and Mary Chain. “Ode to Guesswork” is darkly heavy — practically Interpol-esque — and is perfect for getting lost in.

Fun Facts: Relay cull their name not from running races in teams, but from a tape machine switch. When the band was still nameless, Zeigler recorded a song that disappeared due to a faulty relay, or “an internal electrical switch that makes the track play back,” Zeigler explains. The frontman made the most of the situation: “After I figured out it was the relay that was causing the problem, I had sort of a ‘aha’ moment and realized that ‘Relay’ would probably serve us well as a band name.” KATIE HEATH

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