Doherty Update: Singer Struggles with Rehab, Jack Osbourne

Pete Doherty seems to be getting his life and career back on track as of late, reuniting with Babyshambles and getting back together with Kate Moss (let’s forget about that whole syringe-buying fiasco), but his lawyer admits the singer’s battle to quit drugs is a “mixed bag.”

The Babyshambles frontman appeared in Thames Magistrates Court in east London this week for a review mandated after he pleaded guilty to drug possession in August. “On the whole, progress is being made,” Doherty’s defense counsel, Bruce Clark, said, according to BBC News. While district judge Jane McIvor said “weekly appointments under the order had not been as successful as expected,” Doherty noted that he had “been going to NA [Narcotics Anonymous] meetings and seeing a counselor separate from the Priory [rehab center].” The singer must appear in court for further review in January.

Meanwhile, Doherty is fighting another battle, this one against Jack Osbourne. Recently, Ozzy’s boy has reportedly claimed to have kissed Moss; Pete says it’s a bid to promote Osbourne’s autobiography, 21 Years Gone, according to U.K. publication Life Style Extra. In the book, Osbourne said the kiss “just felt right,” prompting a Doherty response: “To use Kate like that, it’s just not right. I mean, even if he claims they did kiss before I was with her, it’s not right. Kate denies kissing him and that’s that. The twat is out of order.”

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