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Courtney Love on Comeback Trail

Courtney Love is working on her first album since 2004’s America’s Sweetheart, and she’s coming clean about her problems with addiction and recovery. The controversial singer, sober now for more than a year, said she “had no choice” but to admit in court that she used drugs in violation of her probation terms. “I was backed up against a wall. I had fuckin’ nothing,” she admits in a forthcoming issue of Billboard, according to “I always thought I’d be that girl that lives with no regrets. I have regrets. I’ve written so many amends letters, I can’t even count them. It’s still not enough. Drugs make you an asshole.”

Love is now working on her sophomore solo album with ubiquitous producer Linda Perry, who brought Love a guitar while she was in rehab. “But my hand-eye coordination was so bad,” Love recalled. “I didn’t even know chords any more…I’d sit there and try to quietly write and struggle.” Perry, meanwhile, seems to have faith in the beleaguered singer. “Courtney is the queen of rock’n’roll to me,” she told the publication. “Damn it all to hell. She is the last one.”

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