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Clipse Album Gets Release Date — For Real This Time!

After an epic legal battle, the Clipse’s perpetually-delayed sophomore album, Hell Hath No Fury, finally has a release date. The rap duo’s follow-up to 2002’s Lord Willin’ will hit stores Nov. 28. “This album is about the fans that kept us relevant,” brothers Pusha T and Malice said in a statement. “They’ve helped us carve out our path, and we’re very prepared to go against the grain in putting out these releases.”

The duo, who broke through with the single “Grindin’,” had sued Jive over contractual issues, but recently reached an agreement to put the album out on their own Re-Up Gang imprint via a Jive distribution deal. “The album is a documentary,” the Clipse said. “This is the life of the Clipse, what we’re going through, and us spillin’ our guts, and letting the world know it ain’t been all gravy with us. This album, if it says nothing else, says struggle. It represents struggle.”

Now Hear This:
Clipse – “Mr. Me Too”

Clipse – “Wamp Wamp (What It Do)”

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