Buena Vista Members Draft Monkeys, Franz into Social Club

Artists including Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Radiohead, Jack Johnson, Coldplay, Maroon 5, and others have turned their tracks over to the musical masterminds of the Buena Vista Social Club for the forthcoming collaborative album, Rhythms Del Mundo (Nov. 14). While much of the original vocals remain the same, Cuban singer Omara Portuonda is featured, as is the late Ibrahim Ferrer, who delivers his last vocal recording.

The idea for the project came about following the Tsunami disaster in 2005, and it gained momentum following the earthquakes in Asia and Hurricane Katrina. Rhythms Del Mundo was created to support Artists Project Earth, an organization that lends support for natural disaster relief and climate change awareness. “We need a law, we need to have the Government put climate change in its place,” Thom Yorke said in a statement. “If you leave industry to sort it out on a voluntary basis that’s never going to happen. So everybody if they’ve got any concerns about climate change has to register that concern with their Government officials because it’s the only way to go.”

Track listing for Rhythms Del Mundo:
1. Coldplay – “Clocks”
2. Jack Johnson – “Better Together”
3. Arctic Monkeys – “Dancing Shoes”
4. Dido/faithless – “One Step Too Far”
5. Ibrahim Ferrer – “As Time Goes By”
6. Coco & U2 – “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”
7. Maroon 5 – “She Will Be Loved”
8. Kaiser Chiefs – “Modern Way”
9. Omara Portuondo – “Killing Me Softly”
10. Vanya & Quincy – “Ai No Corrida”
11. Sting – “Fragilidad”
12. Vanya – “Don’t Know Why”
13. Aquila Rose & Idana – “Hotel Buena Vista”
14. Coco & Franz Ferdinand – “The Dark of the Matinee”
15. Lele & Radiohead – “High and Dry”
16. Bonus track: Ibrahim & Omara – “Casablanca”

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