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Ultra.NY is Ultra Cool!

Glow sticks twirled with anticipation as the 2006 Ultra.NY Festival rolled into Central Park’s Rumsey Field. The event brought together some of the finest electronica artists for over six hours of performances on a cool New York City night. Benny Benassi and Boris held it down in the Arena Tent with long and lively DJ sets. David Waxman opened the day on the main stage with a DJ set, and it was Junkie XL who brought the crowd to life. Junkie kept the audience moving through his hour-long set featuring some of his popular songs as well as a live Coldplay remix. Belguim’s Soulwax took the stage for a full band performance promising to “bring the rave to the park during the day.” Guiding the crowd out of daylight and into night, Soulwax presented an energetic set that kept the crowd dancing. Moby was up next, showcasing his innovative mixing techniques. When it came time for John Digweed to close the night some of the crowd made their way for the exit, but diehards stayed and danced until there was no music left to dance to. TOM TOBIN

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