Rapper 50 Cent Arrested in NYC

50 Cent was arrested today (Sept. 8) in Midtown Manhattan for allegedly driving his silver, chrome-finished Lamborghini Murcielago erratically. Officers pulled over the rapper near 35th Street and 8th Avenue, arrested him, and reportedly issued him four traffic tickets for the following violations, according to WCBS-TV New York: Unsafely changing lanes, failing to have plates, driving without insurance, and driving with an expired license. The G-Unit main man was led away from the scene in handcuffs, briefly held at the Midtown South precinct, and released shortly after 3 P.M. after no outstanding warrants were discovered.

Talk: Shouldn’t Fiddy pick a less conspicuous ride the next time he chooses to partake in some erratic city driving? COMMENT

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