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The Punking of Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton hasn’t received much sympathy from anyone lately. She was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving Thursday morning (Sept. 7), her album is selling poorly, and, as we reported earlier this week, British artist Banksy cheekily doctored her debut’s album art and track list and producer Danger Mouse made a 40-minute remix spoof for it (read more). While the blogosphere continues to lambaste the socialite, it’s Banksy and Danger Mouse’s dual effort that’s become the hotly debated topic in online forums. Some champion the pair, saying they pulled off a fantastic prank, while others consider them sellouts.

Here’s a video of the spoof, soundtracked by Danger Mouse’s remix:

Here’s what the people are saying: “Here’s what’s disappointing about this whole thing: If in fact Banksy did do this then he’s a sellout. I’m sure the label paid him to do all that. Danger Mouse was prolly paid a ton of money to do those horrible remixes for Paris so it would make her look cool and now they’re spinning it off as some sort of statement on middle America’s adulation of pseudo-celebrities…As if that woman needed more money, they prolly just helped her sell 1,000 more CDs. Some poor kid is out there looking for the Paris Hilton/Banksy/Danger Mouse collaboration CD as if it was Willy Wonka’s golden ticket.” — Sonny,

“HA HA! I’ve seen/heard it, and you’re way off dude. These guys totally trashed Paris Hilton. It’s not a remix, just one track for like an hour of Paris ranting ‘that’s hot!’ Funny as hell. Banksy is a genius, and DM is, too.” — Guest,

“[Paris] should thank Banksy for improving her album, since it’s flopping, and all.” — NR,

“If this is what most people think is great art, then it’s no wonder no-talents like Paris Hilton can sell CDs. So a no-talent street ‘artist’ punks a no-talent ‘musician’ and suddenly all you… are crapping yourself to get a copy. Stupid consumer whores…without a brain in your heads are exactly who make idiots like Banksy and Paris Hilton celebrities despite their complete lack of anything interesting to say.” — dolorita,

“Banksy for Prime Minister!” — drgonzo2012,