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Prophet Omega

Who: Prophet Omega is not the stage name of a former frat-boy with a deluded sense of authority; rather, it’s the nom de plume of Joe Magistro, the former drummer in Darlahood. Now a solo performer, Magistro grooves to his funky blend of D.I.Y. funk, rock, and electronica, and he laid down the tracks for The Natural World in the makeshift studios of his Bushwick, Brooklyn apartment and a rented cabin in the Catskills.

What’s the Deal? Prophet Omega’s debut is the product of a man who was, as he puts it, into “doing everything [him]self,” and he employs a wide array of instruments and recording equipment. Rock riffs are danceable on the full-length’s driving and gritty opener, “The Right Thing,” while the mysterious, sultry “Drinking Champagne Alone” bubbles and fizzes with jabs of electronic blips.

Fun Fact: When recording The Natural World in the Catskills, Magistro reportedly witnessed a black bear make an unwelcome appearance in his cabin, prompting the musician to deem his rough Brooklyn neighborhood safer than the mountains: “Those bears are bigger, faster, and as smart as anyone on the street,” he told “I feel safer in Bushwick.” TRICIA SUMMERS

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Prophet Omega – “Dear Satellite” WINDOWS | REAL
Prophet Omega – “The Right Thing” WINDOWS | REAL

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