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The Calm Before the Storm

Bumbershoot attendees creatively staved off their boredom while waiting for their favorite artists to perform. Before the Gossip’s performance, Ben Sobel, 19, of Port Angeles, WA, received a first-rate manicure from pal Shawna Butz, 18. A game of hackey sack was the activity of choice for Philip Boehm, 16, Lafe Petersen, 17, and Guy Townsend, 16, all from Bothell, WA, who waited patiently for Steve Miller Band to play. Others in the Miller crowd were not as friendly, as evidenced by the dreadlocked individual who answered’s request for a name with “Goodbye” (“I don’t talk to anyone when I’m listening to my music,” he said, referring to the boombox in his left arm. “You look like a Republican, I don’t want to talk to you.”) Others played an innocent game of catch while Seattle-resident Kyle Tornow, 22, smoked a gigantic cigar. “It’s already been lit for 45 minutes,” Tornow said. “We hope we’ll finish it by the time the concert is over.” TIFFANY WAN


At Bumbershoot ’06, Spin is on the ground with our college correspondent program. Eight college students — four writers, four photographers — earned the opportunity to cover the festival for, live, all weekend long. Sound appealing? Stay tuned to for future opportunities to apply for our college correspondent program!